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Release date: 09 October, 2015

Various artists

Burn All The Small Towns 3

Various Artists 
Featuring these artists and songs:

INTERACT - Dead Bliss

Kill The Kong - Is This The End

Back At North - Frustrated

The Burial Of You And Me - Dark Eyes

Dorm Patrol - Banger

Adriana Claims - Opposite To Flawless

Eldstad - Midas

Choking Amber - Truth Bender

Hata Som Lejon - Äntligen Fredag

Alicewell - No Guilt

All Hearts Aside - Distance

Braincoats - Dumfuk

Lagoon - Ive Had It, Til You Spoke

Inside The Artists Head - Hitting The Koala

Moving To Ashbury - Nowhere Left To Hide

Catalog number: BHR-fsb 014

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