12 oktober, 2015

Burning Heart Likes!


…not everything. But on this page we will post a bit of everything. Things we like, wanna support, special things. And sometimes just to sort of chat a bit. Send a message. 

So READERS –  today 13th of October, the new page is finally launched!

All we wanna say for now is that we are back in small size but with burning ambitions, and hunger. 

Only two bands are with us yet, some are no longer around, with others we parted ways in various ways. Mutually agreed, best wishes and not so best wishes in one case. In with the new, out with the old as they say. 

New band announcements coming soon though, so don’t fear! There’ll certainly be more tango from these neck of the woods. Same, same but different or something like that.


PS. Gotta say it again. The new Burning Heart does not represent the old bands, so don´t expect to find anything on them here.  They were the first chapter. Lots of great stuff came out, but we are not building a monument. We are about the future.  This is the new deal!

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