1. About Burning Heart

1.1 General information
– Burning Heart is a management/music company working as a hybrid company. A mix between a management and a music-company releasing music digitally and physically heading towards a Black Gold world (a.k.a vinyl). This is how we roam the streets and eventually  we aspirate to take the airwaves back.

1.2 Can I work for you?  
– We’re sorry but Burning Heart has no open positions currently. Newly started and need to get some cash in the rucksack before we can even think about more chairs and asses.

1.3 Can I do my trainee period at your company?
– Not right now. Will take us some time to be able to take in interns. But it will happen. 

2. Demos

2.1 Do you accept demos?
– We accept website addresses/links, but no CD’s. Please don’t send us MP3’s if we don’t ask for it.

2.2 What is your demo-policy?
– Demos are not so important really. To be honest it is very seldom we pick up a band by just hearing a demo. Or a link.  We pay much more importance to seeing bands live, reading or hearing good things about this very special band from friends, other bands, seeing a band support our bands or whatever.  If you start a buzz, and it reach our ears, then we may ask you for a song or two. 

The numbers of bands we work is pretty small as we wanna focus on the roster we have. ’Lagom’ with bands as we say in Sweden.  Not function as a company of the past with far too many releases and bands to handle

3. Touring & Booking

3.1 Where can I find information about tour dates of Burning Heart bands?
– In the Tours section you’ll find all the current tour dates. Always check with you local promoter or venue to get the dates confirmed (sometimes they change and we are not always aware, though we try to be). All dates published on this page are confirmed by the bands own booking agencies.

3.2 Where can I get ticket to the xxxxx show?
– We don´t sell any tickets, please look for info at the venues websites, FB-pages. . Or the bands websites, Facebook pages.  Whenever we can we will add ticket info, but better to look for it at the bands own pages. And we promise you we will  kick their asses to add and update such info.

3.3 When will … play in my town?
– If it’s not on the tourpage we simply can’t tell since we don’t book any bands, see 3.1. Our bands have agents that books the shows. And
we seldom get involved in this.

3.4 How can I contact a band to book a show? 
– You should look for info about the bands agents at the bands webpages. If you can not find anything you can write us and we’ll direct you. 

Be realistic, bands will not come to your town for a one-off gig unless it make sense financially and so on. But if you have an interest contact the agent and tell them we wanna have them in our town next time they tour and go from there

4. Press 

4.1 I have a magazine/zine/web site/Radio-show/blogg. Will you send me promo CDs?
– Maybe. But we seldom send out physical promos these days. Most are and will be in digital shape.

Contact us and include all the info we need to get you in our system (media name, country, info, style of music, phone, email, etc.) and we’ll see what we can do. If you get on our mailinglist, you will stay there as long as you stay in touch with us and let us know that you do write about or bands and releases. We also work with various promo companies in various countries and we will sometimes direct you to these partners of us.

We also have a special list for promotors/festivals/clubs, and do mailouts to these every now and then.

4.2 I need a photo / biography of XXXXX artist,  where can I get it?
– At the artists page you’ll find a band biography and photos free to publish.

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